Get Connected

Get Connected

At Life Church Lincoln we have developed a strategy for reaching people who don’t go to church in a more intentional way. It is a way of putting out into “deeper water”.

The thinking behind it is quite simple.

If you consider a department store as being something that you look at floor by floor, before you are completely familiar with the shop or its brand, church attendance can be similar, we need to let new people find out as much as they can about the church and what is available.

Get Started: This is the ground floor. We aim to encourage as much contact activity with people as possible. This can include groups, street work, social activities, invitation and personal contact. We would like to leave everyone that we contact on behalf of the church with as positive an impression as possible.

Get Connected: This is like the second floor of the store. Where possible we want to encourage people to make a relational connection. To facilitate this we have recently developed connect services, these services are intended to be more open to the outsider or new person. They will include, accessible worship, life stories, relevant speakers and lunch. The vision is for them to be used as opportunities for people to invite guests and contacts along to attend. Perhaps taking the extra time to pick them up and bring them personally. They are timetabled to precede the start of a new Alpha course which will give people a further opportunity to make a connection with faith and the church.

Get Connected

Get Involved: The third floor of the store will be making it clear to people how they can get involved by joining a group and serving the vison of the church by going after the transformation of communities and lives.

Please get involved with the development of this strategy…