The Runway

The Runway
The Runway Dates and Times
The Runway is an interactive, multiple activity, based programme of enquiry running on Wednesdays. Its aim is to help equip us for the journey.

The Runway takes place usually fortnightly on Wednesday evenings with Life Groups meeting on the other Wednesdays.
Each Runway term lasts for ten sessions in total.
The Runway evening consists of four separate Runways operating along side each other, providing training and discovery opportunities examining contemporary social as well as spiritual issues.

Runway 1 – The Spirit and me. To include the gifts and the fruit of the spirit.
Runway 2 – Life and living. To include Relationships, Dealing with conflict and anger and other issues
Runway 3 – 21st century issues, Sex and Sexuality, Multi- culturalism, Kingdom economics.
Runway 4 – Discipleship issues.

Over two Runway terms each candidate has an opportunity to apply for and complete two Runways.

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Or for more details please telephone the church hub centre 01522 694694

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