Pastor Gebhardt Berndt

Pastor Gebhardt and Shannon

Pastor Gebhardt Berndt has been a member of Hatfield Christian Church since birth. After completing his National
Senior Certificate he studied Law at the University of Pretoria and University of South Africa.
Thereafter he completed a four-year Bachelor of Arts Degree in Bible and Theology at the Global University, USA, graduating Cum Laude.
At present he is enrolled for a Master of Arts Degree in Organizational Leadership (MOL) at Regent University, USA.
As pastor, Gebhardt has been serving Hatfield Christian Church North dynamically and fervently: a church with a congregation of more than 3000 believers.
He served in the following capacities from 2003-2013:
Head of Young People Department,
Head of Training Department, and Area Shepherding Pastor.
In 2014, Gebhardt was appointed as the Executive Pastor of Hatfield Christian Church North and is in an active process of succession.
Another passionate and dedicated mission is serving The Christian Network (T.C.N.) as Chief Operational Officer of CLAY (Change Life Around You) and Synergy National Leader (T.C.N. Young People Network).
Pastor Gebhardt has ministered locally, nationally and internationally on diverse topics. Some of his favourites will always prevail: the Prophetic and Holy Spirit. Furthermore, he has a profound passion for the Word of God and is interested in the Greek translation of the Biblical text. His heart lies in observing God’s Word being taught to the Church in its entirety and for all Christians to live a life of victory in Christ.
Pastor Gebhardt completed and published eight books since 2013: “Beyond Satan’s Reach”, “Plugged In – A Life with God’s Spirit”, “His Voice – Revealed from Heaven”, “There must be more – A life full of God’s Promise”, “Stick Like Glue Marriage: God’s Design” [co-written with his wife, Shannon], “Into the King’ Chamber: A 28-day Journey to Change”. “Where have all the good men gone?”, and “Victory in the Storms of Life”.
He has been married to his cherished wife Shannon since 2005 and they are blessed with two precious daughters, Yasmin and Mickaele.