“He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.”

Colossians 1:17


Generosity a church that seeks to be generous and encourage generosity
Welcoming a church that seeks to give a warm welcome to everyone
Authenticity a church that seeks to be real and genuine in all it does and where people have the opportunity to participate
Encouragement a church that seeks to encourage everyone
Relationships a church that seeks to love God & love people
Word & Spirit a church that places a high value on scripture and the power of the Holy Spirit
Inspiration & Empowerment a church that encourages people to aspire to more and supports them to be everything God has called them to
Responsibility & Integrity a church that places a high value on taking responsibility and seeks to act with integrity

Our Vision

Put simply, our vision is that we are a church with a mandate and a mission to proclaim the good news of the Gospel, to see people saved, and deepen faith of current believers. To build real community and genuine relationships and to see the Kingdom of God advance in LN6 and beyond.

Life Church – Leadership

At present Life Church is thriving under the leadership of its Core Leadership Team and has recently purchased its own church building, (The former Birchwood Methodist Church). All Life Church Sunday services are held in the building along with a number of community centered activities throughout the week.