Hello! If you have found your way to this page it may mean you are taking part in the ‘Follow the Star’ Window Trail around our Birchwood Community.

In a year that has been filled with fear and confusion, we wanted to bring light and hope to the community we love by filling it with Light and telling the story of Christmas. To join in with the trail, simply create a window display following the theme of “Follow the Star” and sign up your house below.

Your displays can be as creative as you like but remember to keep them safe if using lights or candles. You may want to, you can download this image to decorate as part of your display!

Please sign up with your address by 4th December so that you can be included in our interactive map which will be live between Monday 14th December to Sunday 20th December.



This year our Christmas celebrations are likely to be very different to normal but did you know that the very first Christmas didn’t have Festive Markets and pantomimes, but instead took place in a poor town in the Middle East?

Take a look at this clip to hear the Christmas story of how it all began and why we celebrate today.


Below is a map of the houses that are involved with trail so you can Follow the Star with your family.

Complete the trail by finding the hidden words at the 5 Focus Points and take your completed sentence to the Life Church Office to receive a little gift at the end.

The office is open between 9am-2pm Monday to Friday.

The Hub

129 Birchwood Avenue



Don’t forget to share your photos of the trail.

We hope you enjoy this event and pray you have a merry Christmas!